Spraying season

Its hard to believe its 2 months since I did my last blog the time has just flown by and in another 2 months it will be full steam ahead with harvest! Its been a very busy 2 months!

The Bateman has been busy flying up and down doing fert which am now pleased to say is now finished for the 2014 season, the n-sensor performed very well as always does with no problems as well. Then t0 and t1 was to do, this was straightforward in doing for a change it was all done in one go no stopping and starting due to the weather. Pleased to say on the whole the crops are looking very good and very clean!

The rape has had its scelrotinina spray consisting of highgate and priori xtra, its amazing how the crop has filled in the gaps, over the winter fields were looking rather patchy but now the fields seemed to have evened up and now look consistent throughout. Some of our pollen and nectar strips needed re doing so this has been done, some of the originals had got tired, overcome by weeds plus a couple of extra ones added, these will now be appreciating the steady rain. We have also got the gamestrips worked and sown and now just about peeping out. We have also been busy checking margins around fields and putting them right, its amazing how some are narrower than what should be and how some are wider! They are all sorted and put right now. My advice would be to check your own against the maps/plans before an inspection arises, will save a lot of aggro ;-).

Silage will be the next big job when we can get a settled period to do so, this will be in round bales as it suits the cattle shed setup. We have a suckler cow herd which we have for grazing the parklands. All the cattle sheds are now mucked out and as a results have big heaps dotted around, this is a job that normally gets done later on but got ahead of ourselves and its done now and the jcb has had a good wash now, all being well should have a new jcb just in time for harvest!

Have been lucky in the last week as I won the hamper that farmers review organized for doing reviews. The many items are of very good quality and would like to think I will be purchasing some in the future! If you haven’t already done a review then get doing a few so you can be in with a chance of winning a similar prize. Many thanks go to Ashleigh for organizing the prizes and refraining of eating the goods in his storage cupboard it must be torture! Also many thanks go to the various company’s that donated the prizes!!

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