Quiet February

Well it feels like it was only last week since I did my first blog and haven’t had any one telling me to shut up so here’s my second one. February started off fairly quiet getting odd jobs done and getting things ready for the busy times, also had a n-sensor refresher course at askham bryan college. It was very interesting and good to be reminded of how the n-sensor operates and also any updates that have been made and also future developments which hopefully the x30 control will be sorted and ready for this time next year. We have been using the n-sensor now for a good number of years now and works very well for us, it doesn’t necessarily save a great deal of fert but it puts it where its needed most, for example if have a lush area it will trim the fert back and put extra on the poor areas therefore to try and even up the crop within the field, when used in conjunction with auto boom shut off lodging of crops is now very rare.

The combine driver has also noticed that the crops feed into the combine better as its even so more output at a consistent speed. All these things make it worthwhile for us to operate the n-sensor. For the first time this year we are using the absolute n part of the n-sensor,  this is for use on osr only and basically we leave it up to the n-sensor to decide how much to put on in two passes, its a bit of a learning curve for me but am getting confident in it even though it seems to be putting loads on!


I have also managed to get a weeks holiday in while quiet and managed to get away to Centre Parcs at Whinfell, had a great time and weather was quite good so a good time was had by all. Back at work I got the ploughing finished and managed to get what I could of the game strips ploughed, the plough has now been oiled & greased and put to bed.

Due to a break in the weather we managed to get caught up with spraying, first it was manganese on the light land then had a fungicide to put on the osr then made a start on putting fert on winter barley. By this point the ramsey decided to leak so it was repaired and now fit to carry on with the osr. Have decided that next winter we will replace the ramsey while the sprayer is parked up then this will stop hopefully any downtime when getting busy again.


Light nights are now coming and am looking forward to them as I can do more stuff at home, get the veg garden sorted and generally smartening the place up and getting it how I would like it to be, we moved about a year an a half ago so would be nice to finally get done then to enjoy it more!

Had better stop and get something done now, until next time

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