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Farmers Review is the first farming website that combines both a reference point and review function for agricultural products used by farmers and agronomists throughout the year. Initially the products featured will be arable input varieties, though agchem and machinery will soon follow. The product pages will feature independent trialling data as well as information and tips from the breeders. This combined information alongside the farmers review will give you, the farmer, the most extensive information available all in one place online.

Watch this space! In the next few weeks Farmers Review will also allow farmers to ask direct technical questions that will be answered by the manufacturer. There will also be an area within product pages where tips will be given on how best to maximise the potential of the products direct from the breeders.

Review of the MONTH! (Most liked review for April 2013)

Review of the month is the review that we feel offers our members & community the most. It combines a number of factors such as how thoughtful the review is, how well the review has been written, the advice offered by the review and the interest generated from the review (number of thumbs ups).

The winner of the review of the month will receive a Farmers Review goodie bag worth more than £50.00

Variety in FOCUS

JB Diego
Winter Wheat
Website : http://www.senova.uk.com/#/jb-diego/4573511188

Versatile high yielding variety for all rotations and locations
Highest second wheat yields on RL
Very high yields on heavy soils
Excellent yellow rust resistance
Good resistance to Fusarium
Exceptional quality
Very stiff straw
Excellent sprouting resistance

The UK’s favourite wheat, JB Diego offers the grower a high yielding, consistent hard Group 4 variety with very stiff straw and a solid disease resistance package. JB Diego has the added advantage of exceptional quality, with a very high specific weight. and high hagberg falling number. With its German origin JB Diego brings a welcomed genetic diversity to the UK winter wheat market. Source: Senova website, JB Diego product page